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    Internal Mesh: Tackle it With Some Rules

    Here is a method and some practical rules to succeed in your internal networking. I'm going to show you what to do, whether you use Digital Ages or not. We assume that you know that internal networking can be very beneficial to your SEO. This is true especially since it is well designed and well done. Beforehand, we already suggest that you agree on what is included or not, under the name "internal mesh" in this column.


    The links which are in the editorial of the pages, therefore in the editorial part, are part of the internal mesh. Menu links, footer, sidebar and even Ariane's sons are excluded from the internal mesh field.


    Some Simple Statements To Get Started

    If 2 or more identical links leave from a page A towards a page B, only the first link will, a priori, be valued ... We must therefore be wary of menus and other systematic "link areas". Indeed, these links can prevent the semantics from promoting a link placed in the editorial if it points to a URL already listed in the menus.We will provide below a means of circumvention of this inconvenience.


    What To Avoid To Achieve An Internal Mesh:

    • Mesh In All Directions Without Worrying About The Content Of The Pages
    • Mesh By Theme Or Category, Because That Is Not What Interests The Engines (We Will See In The Explanations What Interests Them)
    • Mesh Without Monitoring The Balance Of Links (Incoming Links Vs Outgoing Links)
    • Systematically Mesh On This Or That Keyword Found In The Text Towards Always The Same Url
    • Use A Plug-In To Perform An Automatic Mesh


    The Internal Mesh Method

    Step 1:

    In the method we suggest, we will determine how much inbound and outbound links we will place in each content.

    You will note in passing that this supposes to have content. As it will be necessary to be able to put this same quantity everywhere, this quantity will rarely be high (it also depends on the size of your site). This fixed quantity is important because, unlike semantic cocoons, the purpose of a mesh is to raise an entire site or part of a site and not a particular page. Do not unbalance everything, but make your site more efficient overall.

    If you have one or more semantic cocoons on your site, do not take them in your internal mesh. A cocoon has its own mesh rules and neither should it be out of order.


    Step 2:

    Make a list for each page of fifteen strong terms (most common names). These strong terms should of course be found in the content. But strong does not mean repeated profusely. Strong is in the sense of important to distinguish your page, what we call " elements of speech ".

    You can use the page Digital Age to do this.

    Step 3:

    Locate pages that share the same strong terms. If 2 pages share at least 3 strong terms they can potentially be linked (this supposes that you have worked carefully on the list of strong terms).  As you can see, we are not talking about themes or categories here. What matters is that the pages that make a link are in affinity with each other, that the engine can make a prediction on what will be behind the link.

    Step 4:

    Place strong terms that allow two pages to be linked within 15 words of the link, but not necessarily on the link itself. If you have a lot, 3 may be enough. No nagging, it is prohibited in internal mesh.

    Step 5:

    For a mesh to work, the juice must circulate in as many pages as possible. Therefore, reciprocal links are to be avoided because the juice does not travel enough then through the site.

    So, how to do ?

    The image response for 12 pages and 3 inbound and outbound links:

    In case you've used Digital Ages, on cocon.se, you have a tool to make your things easier.

    Let us return now to the circumvention of the doubled urls.

    We invite you to use the urls with "anchor".

    Example: https://www.digitalagencylahore.com/web-developer-lahore

    This "anchor" will of course be on the target page (myPage) and will really exist : this is the precise location of "myPage" where the user will be sent after having clicked on the link.

    How Long For The Effects Of A Mesh To Be Felt?

    The power of a mesh is often revealed after a few weeks, sometimes several months. This speed to "take" is closely linked to the frequency with which the crawlers visit each page, the power of the site before making the mesh, and the quality of your content, external links, etc.

    If the home page is caught in the internal mesh, it can speed up since it is often among the most visited pages. An internal mesh made with this method makes a real difference with chaotic approaches or other automated systems.


    To Go Further

    The video ""will allow you to go further if you wish, this article being partly based on it.

    The Digital Ages as for them are here: https://www.digitalagencylahore.com/



    It takes courage to tackle to the internal mesh of a site, but it is one of the most powerful methods there is to make it more visible!